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When Yamon Yamon released their debut album "This Wilderlessness", a new seed was planted in the grounds of Stockholm. Though technical, their music retained a sensitivity and elegance that somehow belonged in another time and place. Those nine songs were heavily influenced by what the Kinsella brothers were doing in Chicago during the 90s - a time that saw the rise of a more emotional type of rock. But it was never something calculated, more a burning disire that overcame each vibrating string and drum beat.
Since then, a lot has happened. Yamon Yamon has been on three tours through Europe and a release trip to Japan, the quartet has become a quintet, and work on their sophomore album UISU has come to a conclusion. Already from the first track, there is subtle evidence that Yamon Yamon has started to work more as a unit; rehearsing, writing and arranging the songs together. An evolution from their debut album which was, for the most part, created by band members Jon and Christoffer.

Yamon Yamon has a confidence on the new album, but without ever getting lost in that feeling. There is a presence here, a fuller sound that, in the same breath has been harder to categorize. Wishing Bone could be a cousin to one of Pavement's more retrospective songs, but all the while subconsciously dropping the question "but is it the same at all?". But this is also where you find the core. Yamon Yamon employs a sense of surprise with their music. The Swedish band Logh and even Broken Social Scene come to mind, but at the end of the day, you're is still standing there trying to get a handle on the last two minutes of The Catcher Goodbye, for example. The combination of rhythm and subtle melodies kind of transcend any and all references.
And finally, there is the ability to strip things down and dare to be naked. On UISU, lead singer Jon is much clearer compared with This Wilderlessness, but still sounds like he's sitting across from you as he forms his words. Surrounding him: a structured storm of small details, that together, build one of contemporary Sweden's most dynamic bands.

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